Monday, 1 November 2010

8 Minute Legs Tone Legs Leg Toning

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8 Minute Legs - Tone Legs
welcome to your 8 minute leg toner workout - 16 exercises, 30 seconds each, you're going to get great legs.
Squats Exercise - Squats exercise working the front of the legs, the back of the legs, the hamstring and the all important gluteus maximus ( butt )
Quad Extension Exercise - Quad extensions exercise working the upper legs, the front of the thighs.
Outer Thigh Raise / Butt Press Exercise - Outer thigh raise / butt press exercises working the outer thighs and the butt area.
Inner Thigh Raise Exercise - Inner thigh raises, shape and tone inner thighs have great legs.
Hamstring Curl / Butt Lift Exercise - Hamstring curl / butt lift exercises for the hamstring and the butt.
Outer Thigh Raise with Quarter Squat Exercise - Outer thigh raise with quarter squat exercises, tone and shape outer thighs and hips.
Front / Back Lunges exercise - Front / back lunges exercises are great for shaping legs, balance lunges, working the quadriceps, hamstring and butt. a great leg shaper.
Bent Leg Inner Thigh Raise Exercise - Bent leg inner thigh raises great for toning and shaping the inner thighs, tone thighs, shape legs.
Plie with Calf Raise Exercise - Plie with calf raise exercises shape and tone lower legs, butt, hamstring and thighs, shape and tone calves, tone legs.

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8 Minutes Abs Workout Tone Tummy Belly

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8 Minute Abs Workout, Safe effective and fun exercises for your Abs.

Crunches exercise set for your abs
Basic Crunch Exercise - The basic crunch exercise for the abs targets the rectus abdominis muscle.
Oblique Crunch Exercise - Oblique crunches are great for targeting what many people refer to as their love handles. right oblique crunch exercise, left oblique crunch exercise. lose your love handles.
Toe Touch Crunches Exercise - Toe touches crunch exercise set.
Reverse Crunch Exercise -  Reverse crunches exercise set great for the lower region of the abdominal muscles
Side Crunch Exercise - Side crunches work the internal and external oblique muscles, love handles exercise, left side crunches exercise, right side crunches exercise.
Push Throughs - The push through abdominal exercise
Legs Pushes -leg Pushes exercise working the lower abs
Alternating Curls - Alternating Curls working your love handles
Curl - Curls exercise

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