Monday, 1 November 2010

8 Minute Legs Tone Legs Leg Toning

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8 Minute Legs - Tone Legs
welcome to your 8 minute leg toner workout - 16 exercises, 30 seconds each, you're going to get great legs.
Squats Exercise - Squats exercise working the front of the legs, the back of the legs, the hamstring and the all important gluteus maximus ( butt )
Quad Extension Exercise - Quad extensions exercise working the upper legs, the front of the thighs.
Outer Thigh Raise / Butt Press Exercise - Outer thigh raise / butt press exercises working the outer thighs and the butt area.
Inner Thigh Raise Exercise - Inner thigh raises, shape and tone inner thighs have great legs.
Hamstring Curl / Butt Lift Exercise - Hamstring curl / butt lift exercises for the hamstring and the butt.
Outer Thigh Raise with Quarter Squat Exercise - Outer thigh raise with quarter squat exercises, tone and shape outer thighs and hips.
Front / Back Lunges exercise - Front / back lunges exercises are great for shaping legs, balance lunges, working the quadriceps, hamstring and butt. a great leg shaper.
Bent Leg Inner Thigh Raise Exercise - Bent leg inner thigh raises great for toning and shaping the inner thighs, tone thighs, shape legs.
Plie with Calf Raise Exercise - Plie with calf raise exercises shape and tone lower legs, butt, hamstring and thighs, shape and tone calves, tone legs.

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  1. hi there, great workout video, ive been looking for exercises to tone my legs.. it an old one, but still good

  2. These 8 minutes series are all great - I have many on VCR still...but no VCR player...I miss them :(

  3. I think I could manage eight minutes, maybe that is what I should focus on instead of making huge goals I always break :(

  4. Nice simple exercise. Thanks for sharing. :)

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