Tuesday, 5 October 2010

Billy Blanks TAE BO Cardio Workout

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Billy Blanks TAE BO CARDIO

As a seven-time World Martial Arts Champion, Billy knows how to create a routine that is honest and effective, with no fad diets, fancy gimmicks, or complicated machines. It’s just you and Billy, bound together by the desire to get you fit, both inside and out. Now, with new moves and new music, Tae Bo® Cardio is Billy’s best yet, building on the basic foundational moves of Tae Bo® to create a continuous cardiovascular workout that rocks.

The focus is on learning how your body operates in an aerobic capacity, applying weight training, flexibility, kicks and punches, while revealing this secret: it is the mind and will that control the body, and not the body that controls the mind and will. The wait is over. Get ready to burn calories and fat, while toning and strengthening your body, right in the comfort and privacy of your home. It’s everything you’ve been looking for–and more!

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