Monday, 13 September 2010

Ellen Barrett - 10 Minute Total Body Pilates Workout

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Ellen Barrett 10 Minute Pilate Sequence that Will totally challenge your body.

Welcome to Crunch Fitness! Change your body in 10 minutes? It is possible. We've made every minute count with classic pilates mat exercises to tone, firm and re-shape your body. Gently yet challenging, and easy-to-follow, Pilates focuses on precise breathing techniques to get in touch with your body's core so you can sculpt without bulk, creating sleek abs, leaner legs, and a bikini butt.  You'll be suprised at how many 10-minute spots you can find in your day! For all fitness levels. A mat or rug and bare feet are highly recommended.

Ellen Barrett, Los Angeles, Certified Pilates and fitness instructor.  Fitness philosophy: Fitness should be lead to health, not only beauty: no matter what size you are, or what age you are, a healthy body IS beautiful.

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