Monday, 6 September 2010

Cindy Crawford Shape your Body Workout - 1992 with Radu

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Cindy Crawford Shape Your Body Workout - designed by Cindy Crawford & Radu, one of New York's toughest trainers.  His students include many top models, actors, and executives.  He & Cindy developed these workouts over two years of one-on-one sessions.
WORKOUT ONE (45 Minutes):  After warm up, stretch and tone your legs.  Then work your buns, chest and back for a tight, firm look and feel, and your abs for strength and fitness.
WORKOUT TWO (40 Minutes):  After warming up we'll work on leg power and strenth, then shift to a complete routine to define your arms and shoulders.  We'll finish with more abdominal work.
JUMP START MINI-WORKOUT (10 Minutes):  Take 10 minutes to revitalize yourself anytime with this overall mini-workout.  Great for when you're short on time, but want to get some exercise in.
All that's required for this workout is two hand weights (3-5 pounds) and a chair.

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