Sunday, 5 September 2010

Elle Macpherson The Body Workout - 1994 with Karen Voight

Elle Macpherson - The Body Workout
Glamorous supermodel Elle Macpherson teams up with world-renowned fitness authority, Karen Voight, to produce an exercise programme that works as hard as you do. This body workout takes the boredom out of bending, stretching, toning and lifting. Featuring 45 minutes of muscle movement and aerobic exercise, designed to work for all body types. It also includes a cardiovascular circuit routine that fights flab, firms-up flesh and moulds muscle tone, encouraging users to build strength and stamina with repetition. Best of all it's easy to use -- all you need is a small space, a chair and light hand weights. With Elle Macpherson - The Body Workout you should see and feel the difference within just a few weeks of regular use!

The Body Workout takes the boredom out of bending stretching toning and lifting. For all body types this easy to use workout fights flab firms and moulds and builds strength and stamina

Full workout, just let it play, each part will load automatically..

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